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Hover your mouse on the yellow hotspots below, then click to further explore the exhibition banners. These exhibition banners were presented at pre-application public consultation ahead of planning submission in March 2023.
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Lidl would like to open a new foodstore off Icknield Way in Tring. This store will offer easy access to Lidl’s discounted food offer, widening local customer choice and helping local residents with the rising cost of living.

Lidl submitted a fresh planning application in March 2023 after pre-application public consultation. This followed a detailed scheme redesign which addressed comments raised by neighbours during a previous planning application.

We received a positive response to the updated plans. Nearly 2,000 residents responded to the recent information leaflet which was distributed across Tring, with 89% of respondents in favour of the updated plans.

Now that plans are submitted, Lidl are encouraging people to have their say on Dacorum Borough Council’s planning portal. If you would like to see a new Lidl store delivered in Tring, it is important to have your say.

If you have any questions about Lidl’s plans, or would like help to submit your comments to the planning portal, please email or call 0800 089 0361.

View of store frontage from the customer car park View of store frontage from the customer car park
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The proposals

We are proposing to build a high-quality, modern Lidl foodstore, which will provide a spacious and attractive shopping environment for our customers, and is designed to reflect its surroundings. The amended proposals include:

  • A new Lidl foodstore, now with a gross internal area (GIA) of 1,840 sqm. Following feedback we have reduced the size of the store by 354 sqm (approximately 3,800 sq ft)
  • 102 (2.5m x 5m) parking spaces including 6 accessible spaces and 9 parent & child spaces
  • A customer entrance near to Sears Drive and the wider footpath network will ensure easy access for pedestrians. Cycle parking will also be offered close to the store entrance to encourage sustainable travel to the store
  • Store design changes – including reducing the store size and relocating the customer entrance – have enabled us to increase landscaping and create a new area of green space and tree-planting along Sears Drive
  • Enhanced environmental features, including two rapid Electric Vehicle charging points, with in-built capacity for more spaces as demand increases, and solar panels on the roof
  • Lidl’s latest in-store facilities, including Lidl’s popular bakery and customer toilets
Site plan
View along Sears Drive towards proposed store View along Sears Drive towards proposed store


Lidl’s planning application will include a detailed Transport Assessment, which will be reviewed by Dacorum Borough Council Highways Team. The Transport Assessment takes into consideration issues such as Lidl’s expected busiest periods.

Bus services

The site is well-located for the bus network, close to existing bus stops on Miswell Lane.

Lidl bakery

About Lidl

Since establishing itself in Great Britain in 1994, Lidl GB has experienced continuous growth and today has over 28,000 employees, over 935 stores and 13 distribution centres in England, Scotland and Wales.  Social responsibility and sustainability are at the core of the company’s daily operations, with the company placing a strong emphasis on its responsibility for people, society and the environment. Lidl GB is passionate about working with British producers and sources two thirds of its products from British suppliers.

Big on quality, Lidl on price
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Lidl’s operation

Lidl first opened its doors in Great Britain in 1994 and currently has over 28,000 employees, over 935 stores and 13 distribution centres in England, Scotland and Wales. Lidl takes pride in providing top quality products at low prices.

The Lidl retail philosophy is focused on simplicity and maximum efficiency at every stage of the business, from supplier to customer, enabling the company to sell high quality own brand and well-known products at low prices.


We have pledged to invest £15 billion into British food and farming by 2025, with two thirds of our products coming from British suppliers, providing our customers with fresh, locally sourced, high quality produce at excellent value. 100% of our own-brand core eggs, milk, cream, butter, fresh beef and fresh primary chicken is British. We have signed the NFU Fruit and Veg Pledge and the Back British Farming Charter. All of our British fresh meat, dairy and fruit and veg is Red Tractor Assured.


Lidl GB sells over 100 different Fairtrade certified products throughout the year, from bananas originating from Colombia, tea picked in Kenya and cocoa for our chocolate, grown in Cote d’Ivoire. In addition to the products we sell all year round, we proudly support specific Fairtrade campaigns such as Fairtrade Fortnight.

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Local jobs

The proposed store will create the equivalent of 40 full time jobs for local people.

On 1 October Lidl GB increased entry level hourly pay to £10.90 per hour with fixed annual uplifts.

All Lidl recruitment specifically targets our stores’ primary catchment areas (usually less than a five-minute drive from the store). This means that around 80% of the jobs will be filled locally, providing a real boost to the local economy.

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Middle of Lidl

The new store at Tring would feature our famous ‘Middle of Lidl’ products. Our ever-changing middle aisle offers customers the opportunity to purchase non-food household items at bargain prices. Click here to see this week’s offers.

Middle Lidl sign
Middle Lidl products
Middle Lidl products
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The proposed store will meet Lidl’s high sustainability standards which are intended to minimise environmental impact over the lifetime of the store.

  • Our delivery vehicles are used to remove waste from the store on their return journey to the nearest Regional Distribution Centre, where the waste/recyclable material is sorted and managed centrally. This also helps to reduce vehicle trips and CO2 emissions
  • Lidl lead the sector in terms of recycling and waste to landfill reduction by recycling all paper/cardboard and plastic waste produced by their stores
  • Store heating and lighting are controlled by a computerised Building Management System (BMS). This minimises energy consumption by adapting to external temperatures and lighting levels
  • The chilled food cabinets incorporate night blinds which trap the chilled air and reduce overnight energy consumption
  • Lidl refrigeration plant has low carbon emissions ratings and operates without the need for chlorofluorocarbons
  • Lidl stores use a manual dock leveller for deliveries, which reduces noise emissions and energy use
  • All lighting in the warehouse and staff welfare areas is controlled with motion sensors ensuring that electricity consumption is minimised
  • When the building is occupied by staff only (with no customers) the lighting system is powered down to only use one out of every three fluorescent tubes
  • Water consumption is carefully monitored and flow control devices and water meters are fitted in all stores
  • The car park lighting is switched off overnight and is controlled by a Lux sensor during trading hours
  • The store at Tring will have Electric Vehicle charging points


Good for Producers – including championing the British food and farming sector, focusing on our supplier relationships, human rights and ethical trade, and animal welfare

Good for People – including healthy eating, supporting charities such as the NSPCC and by becoming the employer of choice in our sector

Good for our Planet – by promoting a low carbon economy, minimising food waste, ensuring our supply chains are deforestation free and by reducing, recycling and re-using plastics and packaging

For more details on Lidl’s sustainability commitments, click here.

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What’s changed?

Lidl made several key amends to the proposed Lidl plans following feedback from neighbours. This involved the previous planning application being withdrawn and amends taking place before submitting a fresh planning application to Dacorum Borough Council. This includes:

  • An internal floorspace reduction from 2,194 sqm to 1,840 sqm
  • The building is both shorter and narrower than previously proposed. The building height has also been slightly reduced
  • The store has been moved further away from residential properties to the south by around 5 metres
  • Store design changes have enabled us to create a new area of green space along Sears Drive. We are currently showing this area as being planted with new trees and bushes, but we can provide new seating or public space if this is what the community wishes to see
  • The store customer entrance has been moved to be closer to Sears Drive
  • The delivery access has been located furthest away from residents to minimise noise impacts
  • We will be using red brick and flint to construct the external walls, and the colour of the store cladding has been amended to a more sensitive dark grey
  • Lidl will widen Sears Drive to 7.5 metres, at the junction with Icknield Way. The site access junction will also be widened.
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Increased traffic on Icknield Way

We anticipate that traffic levels on Icknield Way will not be significantly affected by this proposed development as the majority of Lidl’s car-borne custom is drawn from traffic already passing by.

It is important to remember that supermarkets are not usually busy during the morning rush hour. During a weekday, we believe the peak hours for the foodstore will be between 4pm-6pm, Monday to Friday and 11am-1pm on a Saturday. The network peak is between 5pm and 6pm on a weekday and that hour represents the most robust test of the network once Lidl traffic has been added. Saturday peak flow levels do not exceed 85% of those of the weekday PM peak, but nevertheless, assessments have been carried out for the most robust combination of baseline plus Lidl traffic.

Our planning application includes a detailed Transport Assessment, which will be reviewed by Hertfordshire County Council’s Highways Team. This is supported by updated traffic surveys from November 2022 for comparison with those undertaken in April 2022.

50 mph speed limit on Icknield Way

We understand that the original proposal by Cala Homes was to reduce the speed limit to 40mph from the roundabout and 30 mph past the Sears Drive junction. Hertfordshire County Council did not support this, hence a reduction to only 50 mph. Lidl will lobby Hertfordshire County Council again for a reduction in the speed limit, on the basis that it will contribute positively to the active travel needs of future users of the Lidl foodstore and of existing residents.

Icknield Way/Sears Drive junction

Lidl will widen Sears Drive at the junction with Icknield Way to enable both a left and right turn out. Our highways assessment shows that there will be no issues getting to and from the foodstore onto Sears Drive during peak times, and that the Sears Drive/Icknield Way junction will operate well within capacity.

All highways amendments, including Lidl’s site access/egress, will be subject to independent Road Safety Audits at each stage of the technical approval process with Hertfordshire County Council to confirm suitability.

Providing sufficient car parking

At the foodstore’s busiest time during a typical week, we anticipate that around 59 spaces will be taken on average. Our experience of stores elsewhere suggests that available parking here will be ample, with no need for shoppers to park elsewhere. With 102 spaces on the site, there is more than sufficient headroom to allow for the increased demand around Christmas and Easter.

Foodstore deliveries

It is anticipated that this foodstore would have two deliveries per day, rising to three during seasonal peak times. Waste and recycling are taken away on the return journey, reducing the number of servicing vehicles to the store. When a delivery is made to the store, a hood covers the back of the vehicle which means all unloading activity is done within the foodstore building, reducing noise associated with servicing the store.

Noise and light

Lidl has made a number of significant design amendments to minimise impacts on neighbouring residents.

A Noise Impact Assessment has been undertaken which indicates that noise associated with the foodstore’s operation, including deliveries, will have a minimal impact, given the existing noise levels from local highways and the industrial estate.

Lighting columns will have shields to ensure any light spillage is minimised and light will be directed away from neighbouring properties, into the car park. External lights are turned off around one hour after the foodstore closes. Internal lights have lux and movement sensors, which means that all main internal lights are also off when the store is closed.

Maintaining neighbour privacy

There is minimal risk of privacy or ‘overlooking’ concerns from the Lidl foodstore, as windows along the Sears Drive elevation will be at a higher level and will not be accessible internally. There are no windows on the rear of the store or to the side (facing the industrial estate).

The mono-pitch roof is at its lowest point by Icknield Way Industrial Estate, rising towards Sears Drive. This will enable the PV panels on the roof to be concealed from the majority of public viewpoints. The roof, even at its highest, is directly comparable to the surrounding residential properties.

Trolley returns

Lidl trollies require £1/token to release, which encourages customers to return trollies to the trolley bay.

Proposed building height

The proposed Lidl foodstore has been designed to minimise visual impact on surrounding residential properties. The mono-pitch roof is at its lowest point by Icknield Way Industrial Estate, rising towards Sears Drive. This will enable the PV panels on the roof to be concealed from the majority of public viewpoints. The roof, even at its highest, is directly comparable to the surrounding residential properties.

Retail impact on Tring town centre

We don’t believe that the Lidl foodstore will have a significant adverse impact on the town centre, but will instead provide further choice for local shoppers.

Lidl does not sell a wide range of products that you would find in town centre shops. Unlike the larger supermarkets, which typically stock in the region of 25,000-30,000 lines, Lidl’s product range is limited to around 3,000 items and mainly comprises own brand goods. Lidl sells a very limited range of flowers, over-the-counter medicines and newspapers and magazines. Furthermore, Lidl do not have an in-house pharmacy, fishmongers or meat counter, services which are often found in larger supermarkets. Lidl do not accommodate customer cafes or Post Offices.

Retail impact on Tring town centre

A new Lidl supermarket would include enhanced environmental features with two rapid Electric Vehicle charging points – with in-built capacity for more spaces as demand increases. Solar panels (photovoltaic) will be installed on the roof, which will produce electricity alongside heat source pumps which will predominantly serve the energy requirements of the foodstore.

Lidl aisles

Next Steps

Planning application

How to support

We received a positive response to the updated plans. Nearly 2,000 residents responded to the recent information leaflet which was distributed across Tring, with 89% of respondents in favour of the updated plans. However, it is really important to have your say to Dacorum Borough Council on the plans for a new Lidl foodstore off Icknield Way in Tring. You can register your support to Dacorum Borough Council in the following ways:

  • Email You can email the Planning Department at quoting the planning application reference number (23/00662/MFA).
  • Online – You can comment via the planning portal by visiting and entering the planning application number 23/00662/MFA into the search box. Follow the instructions on how to comment.
  • Post – You can write to Planning Department, Dacorum Borough Council, The Forum, Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP1 1DN please quote reference number on your letter.

If you would like any assistance in how to support the plans, please email or call 0800 068 0361.

Planning application

Lidl submitted a planning application to Dacorum Borough Council in March 2023. This followed a previous planning application which was withdrawn in order to make amendments to the scheme. A public consultation took place over the redesigned scheme and this is now with Dacorum Borough Council’s planning department who will make a recommendation on whether to approve the plans.

View along Sears Drive towards proposed store View along Sears Drive towards proposed store
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View from Icknield Way towards proposed store View from Icknield Way towards proposed store
Privacy Policy (Lidl GB Ltd)
By providing your personal data and comments to Lidl GB, you agree that we will share this data with the local planning authority as part of the planning process so they can verify the comments we receive are genuine. We may send you a follow up letter asking you to further support our proposal and contact you to update you on the progress of the application.
If our application is successful, your personal data will be stored for one month after the store opening. If Lidl no longer intends to build a store in the above location, your personal data will be retained for one month following our decision not to proceed.
For more information about how your personal data will be processed, please visit our website at If you would like to update how Lidl communicates with you, you can contact us at any time by emailing